• Processing and accounting of primary documents;
  • Reports: profit and loss report, balance sheet, consolidated financial reporting of the company, ect.;
  • Forming of interim financial reporting;
  • Filling in tax returns and their submission to the State Tax Inspectorate, Sodra;
  • Reports to the Statistics Department;
  • Inventory of internal documents: orders, rulings, statements;
  • Consulting, information and practical advises about tax laws; selection of the bookkeeping managerial model; organization of company’s bookkeeping work; 
  • Representation in state institutions, banks: filing in applications for credit institutions; direct interaction with inspectors under inspection time; composing of explanatory paper;
  • Execution of payments and taxes to the suppliers of goods and services, employees;
  • Payment control, coordination of suppliers’/buyers’ obligations;
  • Accounting management of tangible and intangible assets;
  • Registration of expansion, selling, writing-off of the tangible and intangible assets as well as other operations concerning the assets;
  • Calculation and registration of the wear-off;
  • Fixed assets: Accounting of the fixed assets;
  • Exploitation statement; Wearing-off summery, ect.
  • Accounting of the sale documents;
  • Management of the Great Book of Accounts;
  • Periodical account closure and its coordination with the Great Book;
  • Accounting management of employees’ expenses (advance accountancy);
  • Warehouse accounting;
  • Staff accounting: wage accounting (calculated and paid out wage certificates for employees);
  • Calculation of employees’ vacation and other payments and their inclusion in the accounting;
  • Tax calculation and inclusion in the accounting;
  • Preparation of orders concerning staff accounting;
  • Preparation of employment contracts;
  • Accounting of Debtors and Creditors;
  • Accounting of bank operations;
  • Accounting of cash register;
  • Finalizing of assets’ and goods’ accounting inventory;
  • Filling in tax returns.

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